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A Bit About Me

Growing up in Bellingham Washington, on a Christmas tree farm, I was taught the value of hard work and the advantage of collaboration. After years of manual labor and long hours in the rain and cold, I decided to leave for the big (at least to me) city of Seattle to get a degree in film, my greatest passion. At the art institute of Seattle I learned all aspects of film and video Production. My focus was on editing, directing and writing. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to have career in those areas since my graduation.

I Have worked freelance for over a decade while also being employed, full-time, on different teams within Amazon for the last 7 years. I have worked on many different kinds of projects that have spanned from broadcast commercials and social ads to short form narrative content. I like to work with clients to find the best solution for their video needs, taking their brand and personality into account as we go. My passion is storytelling - helping you to find a voice with which to tell your story while making your message clear. With every decision I make I strive to take the project to the next level while creating new and interesting ways to share my client's message. I love working with people who are hard-working, passionate about what they do, and believe in themselves - it inspires me to be the same way!


Work Experience

June 2013 - Present

May 2021 - January 2023

July 2017 - May 2021

March 2015 - July 2017

October 2014 - March 2015

Freelance - Video Editor, director, motion designer, colorist

Video editor for various brands. Director and motion graphics designer for promotional videos.
Some Brand work includes::
-Harley Davidson: Editor & colorist for broadcast commercials.

-Vossler Media Group: Editor.
-ICX Media: Director for promotional video.

-The Summit Snoqualmie: Motion designer.
-Talent Vectia: Motion graphics designer & editor.

Amazon Brand Studio - Senior video editor, director

Senior Video Editor & director for Amazon Brand studio creating content for broadcast, digital, internal, social and on-site events.

Amazon XCM - Video editor, director

Video editor & director for Amazon XCM creating ads for broadcast, social and online distribution.

AmazonD1 - Lead editor, director, motion graphics designer, VFX supervisor

Working for Amazon D1, I served as the lead editor for Amazon’s YouTube channel, creating videos for categories such as DP Review, PC, Lawn and Garden, sports & Outdoors. I designed motion graphics for these categories, along with Kindle illustrations, & designs for the Amazon Gateway banner on
I also directed dozens of videos for DP Review, PC, Outdoor and Yum.

Hullaballoo - Editor, assistant editor

Editor for commercial and promotional videos. Assistant editor for "Pilchuck: A Dance With Fire" Documentary.

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