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Hello, I'm Ethan Erickson, a seasoned video editor and director, specializing in motion design and color grading. With over 9 years of honed industry expertise, I've dedicated the last 7 years to Amazon, contributing my skills to diverse projects ranging from social campaigns to broadcast commercials.

My passion lies in collaboration, whether it's engaging in one-on-one discussions or participating in team brainstorming sessions. I firmly believe that incorporating each individual's unique perspective, background, and talent enhances the creative process. While I thrive in a team environment, I also cherish the autonomy of working independently and relish the challenge of solving problems on my own. There's a special satisfaction in immersing myself in a lengthy editing session, fueled by a satisfying cup of coffee.

As I navigate through my professional journey, I am actively seeking fresh opportunities within the dynamic realms of video and marketing. My aim is to continue collaborating, learning, and pushing my creative boundaries as an editor. I eagerly anticipate the exciting prospects that lie ahead!

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